Welcome to the Sudan Study Group

The Sudan Study Group (SSG) was formed in 1977 by a group of enthusiasts who were at the time, members of the Oriental Philatelic Association of London (OPAL), but recognised the need for a separate group devoted solely to the study of Sudanese stamps, postal history and related subjects. Since then membership of the Group has grown to 110 worldwide.

The aim of the SSG is the study of the stamps and postal history of the Sudan in all its aspects from earliest times until the present day, to publish the results of research and give members the opportunity to meet regularly. The group caters for all collectors, whether beginners, specialists or advanced students.

New collectors are welcomed. Whether your interest is in stamps, postal routes, postal rates, telegraphs, revenues, postcards, airmails, censorship of mail, TPO’s, campaign mail or postmarks – the Sudan has it all and the Sudan Study Group offers collectors the chance to expand their knowledge and exchange information and material.