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Postal Stationary

The Postal Stationery of the Sudan varied and makes for an interesting area of study, either in its “pure” form or as part of Postal History.

As with the stamps the initial issues were Egyptian overprinted with “Sudan” bi-lingually in French and Arabic.

5m and 1p Egyptian Enveloppe-Lettres

5m Egyptian Postal Stationery card, surcharged 4m. These were also available with “reply paid”portions attached.

5m and 1p Postal Stationery envelopes.

Newspaper Wrappers are now a thing of the past, but in their day they provided a valuable service. They are however not that easy to find in used condition as invariably they were torn to release the newspaper.

Used 1m (uprated) and 2m Newspaper Wrappers with the famous Sudan Camel Post imprinted stamp. These superseded the Egyptian over-printed version.

3m Postal Stationery card, surcharged 2m

5m Large Camel Post Postal Stationery envelope.

4.5p Registered Envelope

1950’s small Postal Stationery envelope based on the definitive stamps.

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